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De Bruin Law Firm: How to Handle a DUI case

If you are arrested for DUI (driving under the influence), it is a smart decision contacting a DUI attorney right away. You have to take DUI seriously because it is a crime. You have to prepare for a strong and solid legal defense to fight a DUI charge. The rule of “Don’t drink and drive.” may sound simple, but there are still a lot of people in the United States driving under the influence because of no designated driver. If this is your first-time being convicted of a DUI case, you might not be fully aware of its serious consequences. A DUI conviction may have a significant impact on your license, employment, and your finances.

When a police officer asks you to pull over early in the morning or late at night, there is a high probability that the police officer thinks you are intoxicated. You’ll be asked some questions and tell you that you were stopped because of something like you did not use a turn signal or you have a crack in your windshield, but the office is just actually making an excuse to talk to you and assess if you are indeed intoxicated. The police officer will take note any signs of DUI or DWI such as flushed face, slurred speech, bloodshot and watery eyes, and alcohol odor, which can be documented on the police report, and these are the things you can’t control. Just remember that there are other reasons your lawyer can use later on to defend why you have these signs such as a medical condition, intake of a certain medication, or overwork. Never say “yes” or “no” if you are asked if you’ve been drinking all night, and never mention the number of bottles of beers you have consumed because all of these statements will be held against you leading to a DUI conviction. These admissions will make your case worse, so better exercise your constitutional right to remain silent.

Field Sobriety Tests such as one-leg stand, walk and turn, finger-to-nose test, and watch-the-pen test, as well as Portable Breath Test, can be used against you if the results fail. The reason why the police officer will ask you to do these test is to mark you down for everything you did wrong to prove that you are indeed intoxicated while driving. You don’t even have to wait for the police officer to tell you that you have the right to counsel, be proactive and request to contact your DUI attorney right way upon arrest. If you need a DUI attorney, you may visit our homepage or website so we can offer a free legal advice.

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